Aussie Farmers Direct

Hey all!

This is just a short post.
I’m super excited and just have to share this great idea/service with everyone.

I was browsing through the app store on my phone last night, as I do… and I stumbled upon an app for Aussie Farmers Direct.

ImageThey are an independent home delivery service that sources & delivers 100% Australian grown produce. They started out trying to re-invent the local Milkman, you know the one who used to deliver glass bottles of milk with those little foil caps (I’m not too young to remember this). And are now supplying fruit, vegetables, dairy, baked goods, meats, seafood, pasta and pre-made gourmet meals to homes all over Australia.
Aussie Farmers Direct is operated through a franchise system, which is creating jobs & lowering food miles. They also have a strong community ethic, with community initiatives to support farmers, schools and sports clubs. I love this!

The only problem for me is that they don’t deliver in my area yet, because demand isn’t great enough.
Who wouldn’t want fresh, local, ethical produce delivered to your door?
I have to say that I do love going to my local farmers market of a Saturday morning , but I have lazy weekends when I don’t want to get out of bed and for those weeks I’d much rather order my food through Aussie Farmers Direct, than buy old, overpriced and often imported produce from Coles or Woolies.

So I’ve downloaded the app and signed up for Aussie Farmers Direct, now I’m just waiting for it to be available in my area, maybe you should get on it too and then we can all enjoy this wonderful service.


– Cass xo –


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