Candida Schmandida – Part 3

Good afternoon!

Wonderful news, I just became an aunty again today… I now have a little nephew who is just perfect! Weeeeee!!

Now back to Candida…

UPDATE: I just read my email and got a link from Cindy O’Meara’s newsletter regarding gut health, it’s a good read and explains a lot about why gut health is so important… I don’t know if I agree about eating Sour Dough Bread… as I was eating a lot of that prior to my system acting up, but none the less…

How did I go the past week?
I did ok, I’ve noticed my energy levels changing, I don’t feel like I’m jumping out of my skin, but I have woken up every work morning before my alarm and when I have gotten out of bed I’ve been awake, which is a huge difference to before I started the diet. I haven’t wanted to get out of bed though because it’s been so cold lately!

What did I eat?
Breakfast all week: Scrambled Eggs Mountain Bread wrap with Pesto & Spinach.
Morning tea all week: Avocado on rice or corn cakes.
Lunch all week: I mixed it up a bit this past week and took left overs one day, had an Avocado & Salad wrap another day, Tuna & Salad  for a couple of days.
Mid afternoon snack all week: I’ve stuck with the pear, but got sick of the Almonds… So I haven’t been eating them.
After work snack all week: I have been avoiding smoothies since the last incident, so I ate  left over Rice, Tomato, Zucchini and Egg Frittata.
Dinner Monday: I had leftover Okra Gumbo… So delicious!!
Dinner Tuesday: Ratatouille
Dinner Wednesday: Rice, Tomato, Zucchini and Egg Frittata
Dinner Thursday: I had leftover Lemon Lentil Soup & Rice
Dinner Friday: I went out for dinner with a friend, I had Salmon with Rice and Ponzu sauce. I shouldn’t have had the Ponzu, I felt quite nauseas later that night
Dinner Saturday: I made Mexican Beans with salsa lettuce wraps, yummy and filling!
Dinner Sunday: I can’t remember… Terrible!

What have I learnt this week?
I learnt that introducing foods too soon = yuck! I had a bit of a yucky experience with nausea on Friday night, but the worst has been today… I wasn’t well prepared and bought some CoYo Coconut Yoghurt I ate it and then within an hour or two I was incredibly hungry again, but stuck out of the house and searching for an OK thing to eat out within walking distance from the hospital. I chose a Felafel Kebab, with lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, hummus and yoghurt garlic sauce, I thought I would be safe with this. I’m not sure if it was the CoYo or the Kebab, or my body reacting to processed foods, but man was I glad that my sister in-law had a room to herself with her own bathroom… hello diarrhoea!! It was awful and I still don’t feel quite right. I know as soon as the Kebab hit my stomach I could feeling a burning kind of strangeness, but I just put it down to the onion… So I’ve learnt to be really fricken careful what I eat and if I’m unsure about it, make sure there is an appropriate toilet nearby.

What am I eating this week?
Breakfast all week: Scrambled Eggs Mountain Bread wrap with Pesto & Spinach.
Morning tea all week: Avocado on rice or corn cakes.
Lunch all week: I think I’ll stick with Avocado, Salad and Tuna Wraps, maybe take some leftovers if I feel like it. I flew to Sydney yesterday (Tuesday) for a work meeting and they supplied lunch, I’m proud to say that I ate Risotto, but avoided the salad as it had dressing (full of sugar/vinegar), I also took left over savoury pancakes and Rice/Coconut savoury cakes to help get me through. Despite one of the facilitators plonking a giant plate of delicious shiny glazed danishes on my table I managed to fight temptation and I didn’t even contemplate eating one!
Mid afternoon snack all week: 1/2 a Pear.
After work snack all week: I made Rice & Coconut flour savoury cakes the other day, so I will probably eat some of these.
Dinner Monday: Chickpea & Buckwheat flour savoury pancakes
Dinner Tuesday: Salmon with salad and bakes Sweet Potato I noticed the Sweet Potato tasted incredibly sweet after not eating anything sweet for the last couple of weeks
Dinner Wednesday: I might play it safe and just have an egg in a wrap tonight, my stomach still isn’t 100%
Dinner Thursday: If I go to Pilates I might eat at Govinda’s
Dinner Friday: I still haven’t made the  Mujaddara with Spiced Yoghurt, so maybe I’ll make that.
Dinner Saturday: Not too sure, I’ll be in Brisbane helping Mr. Awesome move 😦
Dinner Sunday: I need to use a Cauliflower, so maybe baked Cauliflower with Rice

Have I noticed any difference in my overall health?
The biggest difference is waking up earlier and I also think I’ve lost weight (maybe a few kilograms), this was not my intention and I hope to put the weight back on when I start introducing more foods.

Now I want to share an Anti-Candida Tea Recipe with you, it’s a really nice herbal drop that is anti-fungal.

2 parts Calendula Flower
2 parts Cinnamon Bark
2 parts Thyme
2 parts Liquorice Root (for a bit of sweetness)
1 part Ginger Root

Combine all in a tea infuser or tea pot and steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Until next week…

– Cass xo –

Kudos – I got some info for this post from:

Healing Herbal Teas by Brigitte Mars