Just Like A Big Warm Hug…

TEA!! Glorious, delicious, healthful, stimulating, social tea!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Tea;  A hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water

Tea is a golden elixir that soothes the soul, a hot cup or mug is just like getting a Big Warm Hug!

I’ve wanted to post about tea for a long time, but recently I’ve been feeling very uninspired and have been struggling to find motivation to get out of bed, let alone waffle on about how much I love something… But tea, tea inspires me, tea makes me happy and brightens my day.

This is why I am in the process of creating my tea business. I want to bring my own brand of healthy, organic, delicious teas to the masses and one day I want to have a Tea Shop… But that’s a while down the track.
Man it is slow and scary trying to get everything together, to save the money and develop a plan, but I’m making progress – I got my ABN (Australian Business Number) last month, it was incredibly tedious, but I’m really proud I’m starting to make this happen.

So I wanted to share with you one of my favourite tea recipes, this tea is calming, fragrant, warm and caffeine free!

Lavender Rooibos Sleep Tea

As it’s name suggests the lavender in this tea may help to ease insomnia. It is attributed with lifting the mood and calming nervousness and anxiety. Best of all it is said to help with flatulence and colic!! Who doesn’t need help with that sometimes?
Rooibos is a plant grown in South Africa, that is revered for it’s high antioxidant content and immune boosting properties. It is also similar to Lavender in it’s ability to relieve insomnia, stress and digestive problems.

Now to make the tea you want to combine Dried Lavender Flowers with Rooibos loose leaf tea in a ratio of 1:3 (1 teaspoon Lavender for every 3 teaspoons of Rooibos).
To brew your tea place approximately 1 teaspoon (per person) of the tea in an infuser and add freshly boiled water. Allow to steep for a couple of minutes. Add milk to taste.

– Cass xo –

Kudos – I got some info for this post from:
Tea Benefits
The Herbal Tea Shop



2 thoughts on “Just Like A Big Warm Hug…

  1. Great post Cass, I simply love this sentence: “Tea is a golden elixir that soothes the soul, a hot cup or mug is just like getting a Big Warm Hug!” So beautifully written, it evokes such wonderful feelings 😉 xx

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