Candida Schmandida

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Candida as; a yeastlike, parasitic fungus that can sometimes cause thrush.

I’m going to be completely honest in this post, if you are sensitive to over sharing I suggest you don’t read on. I will spare you the gory details however I’m going to admit it now… I have a Candida overgrowth, There I said it! I have had problems with my gastrointestinal system most of my life or since I swallowed ten cents and my Mum has always maintained “you haven’t been the same since”. I don’t know if swallowing the coin has any connection to Candida, but you never know. Candida overgrowth occurs and causes symptoms in many places of the body such as; the mouth, the gut, the skin, the genitalia, the urinary tract, finger & toe nails.

Candida or most commonly Candida Albicans is an insidious little bugger that lives in your gastrointestinal system, it’s not always bad but when the balance between your healthy gut flora and Candida get’s tipped the wrong way, things can get uncomfortable.
There is an interesting theory that says Candida is our body’s way of breaking down/eating Mercury in your system, that a Candida overgrowth can be related to Mercury in your system and the Candida tries to mop up the toxic heavy metals. However, I can’t find any reliable source of information to say this is correct and maybe it’s because no research has been done. So I’m not going to say it’s not true, but I can’t tell you with any real certainty that this theory is correct. I’ll leave the links to a couple of pages for you to do your own reading and make up your own mind if you so wish.
‘What kind of symptoms does Candida cause?’ I hear you ask… Most commonly; Itching, burning, redness and white coating or discharge at the area affected. But when it’s the GI system that’s affected symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain/cramping are present. People affected with Candida can also suffer extreme tiredness, irritability, depression and have difficulty concentrating.
Now it’s just occurred to me that people may wonder why on earth I’m writing about Candida, well I’ve experienced many of the above symptoms for a long time, conventional methods haven’t worked and I’ve decided to make a real effort at cleansing my body and getting well again. Hence this post. It’s going to serve as someone else to answer to while I go on the Candida Diet. I need to be accountable and if I can help other people while helping myself, what could be better than that?

I’m going to share with you my meal plan for this week and then have a follow up post the following week to update you on my progress.
This is going to be hard, because I’m sure you’ve all guessed by now how much I love food.
The basic diet restriction is: I have to cut out all sugars (except I can have a small amount of Maple Syrup if I need some sweetness), which shouldn’t be too hard as I don’t add sugar to anything I have and only eat the occasional piece of chocolate. I can only have one piece of fruit per day, I was thinking “fine with me because I don’t eat fruit daily anyway”, but my body would like me to eat more pears and berries so I’m incorporating them into my diet. I have to cut out gluten and yeast, which again isn’t so bad because I rarely eat “normal” bread, but I do have a piece or two of Mountain Bread per day, I’ve decided to continue eating the Mountain Bread as I probably won’t get enough carbs if I delete it. I have to cut out dairy, which is when this get’s tough – I have milk in my tea, cheese with my lunch and yoghurt or sour cream with my dinner, but apparently dairy is high in sugar… LACTOSE! There is also a long list of vegetables & grains to avoid, but I’m too lazy to give you a full list. The general rule is to avoid root vegetables for the first two weeks, but I can eat as many greens as I like.

It seems there is a lot of variance in Candida Diets and I’m following the one my Kinesiologist has given me, we have tailored it for my body and it’s needs. I am by no means an expert in this field, but want to share my experience with you and help you too if at all possible.

I’m also taking Metagenics Ultra Flora Restore Dairy Free and Pau d’arco tea twice daily, the anti-fungal properties of Pau d’arco penetrates the cell wall of the Candida and the probiotic helps to balance out my gut flora and eliminate the Candida.

Meal Plan
I have found lots of inspiring recipes online check out my Pinterest food page, the latest posts are mostly Candida related recipes.

Breakfast all week: Scrambled Eggs Mountain Bread wrap with Pesto & Spinach.
Morning tea all week: Avocado on rice or corn cakes.
Lunch all week: Small tin of Tuna in Olive Oil and Salad – dressing: Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and a pinch of salt.
Mid afternoon snack all week: 1/2 a Pear and a handful of activated Almonds.
After work snack all week: Strawberry, Inca Inchi and Coconut Milk shake.
Dinner Monday: Zucchini & Anchovy Soba Pasta.
Dinner Tuesday & Wednesday: Lemon Lentil Soup with Kale and Basmati Rice.
Dinner Thursday: It may be Lemon Lentil Soup or I may be sick of it and make Blackbean with Avocado Lettuce Wraps instead.
Dinner Friday: Mexican Bean, Avocado & home made Salsa Wraps.
Dinner Saturday: Asparagus & Anchovy Soba Pasta (as above).
Dinner Sunday: Fresh Tuna Steak with Rice or Salad (I haven’t decided yet).

One thing my Kinesiologist worried about is if I’m getting enough protein, hence all the fish. As a Vegaquarian, I tend to not eat that much fish but it is an easy way to get the protein that I need. As always keeping your diet balanced and making sure you get enough nutrients to nourish your body is essential. The Candida Diet can leave some people feeling a little hungry/hangry and this is why I am having regular protein rich snacks.

That’s all for today, I’ll check back in next week and let you know how it’s going. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

– Cass xo –

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