Candida Schmandida – Part 2


Update on the Candida Diet: I think I’m doing well, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself if I do slip up, but I’m surprised with how well I’m adjusting to it.

Did I follow the meal plan?
No… but that is what a ‘plan’ is; it’s just a guide.

What did I eat?
Breakfast all week: Scrambled Eggs Mountain Bread wrap with Pesto & Spinach. Yes, I ate this for breakfast every morning, I eat it every morning, it is delicious!
Morning tea all week: Avocado on rice or corn cakes. Yes, this is what I had for morning tea all week, it’s fresh and enough to satisfy the mid morning hunger pangs.
Lunch all week: Small tin of Tuna in Olive Oil and Salad – dressing: Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and a pinch of salt. No, a few days I had Tuna with salad in a Mountain Bread Rice Wrap & one day my salad had gone bad, so I used the leftover cheese I had in the work fridge and made a Tuna & Cheese toasty – Yes this was not a great choice, but I’d prefer to eat something slightly bad & delicious than go hungry.
Mid afternoon snack all week: 1/2 a Pear and a handful of activated Almonds. Yes, I stuck with this and I was very satisfied, I’m getting a little sick of Almonds though.
After work snack all week: Strawberry, Inca Inchi and Coconut Milk shake. Yes, I did this and I’m now sufficiently sick of it… I need to find a new after work snack. I tried a Coconut, Inca Inchi, Hot Chocolate today, but bad things happened to my stomach after I drank it… I had to skip Yoga tonight because I need to be close to a toilet *sad face*
Dinner Monday: Zucchini & Anchovy Soba Pasta. This was delicious!
Dinner Tuesday & Wednesday: Lemon Lentil Soup with Kale and Basmati Rice. No, I only had this Tuesday night. I cannot remember what on earth I had for dinner Wednesday night.
Dinner Thursday: It may be Lemon Lentil Soup or I may be sick of it and make Blackbean with Avocado Lettuce Wraps instead. No, I forgot Thursday is Pilates and Govinda’s night, so I had Dahl, Vege Curry & Vege Kofta with Rice.
Dinner Friday: Mexican Bean, Avocado & home made Salsa Wraps. No, I ended up making something else… My memory is terrible! I should have written this down. It clearly wasn’t memorable.
Dinner Saturday: Asparagus & Anchovy Soba Pasta (as above). No, I had a herb lemon & garlic marinated piece of Salmon, with roast Cauliflower and Coconut rice (odd combination? yes, Mr. Awesome wanted to have a steak so he fired up the Webber and wanted roast veges).
Dinner Sunday: Fresh Tuna Steak with Rice or Salad (I haven’t decided yet). No, I made an absolutely delectable Okra Gumbo! I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. We had this with leftover Coconut Rice and Roast Cauliflower.

What have I learnt this week?
The Candida Diet isn’t all that restrictive if you can be creative with the foods you’re allowed to eat. My body continues to crave all of the delicious, “evil” foods I used to eat, but I’m managing well. I’ve had a few days where I have had a little bit of dairy; a splash of milk in my tea, a bit of Fetta Cheese, a spoon of Sour Cream… But all in all a big improvement on the amount of dairy I used to consume. I’ve noticed that to begin with I wasn’t feeling all that hungry, but since yesterday I’ve been really hungry, maybe it’s the colder weather or the Candida is starving and begging for more carbs!?

What am I eating this week?
Breakfast all week: Scrambled Eggs Mountain Bread wrap with Pesto & Spinach.
Morning tea all week: Avocado on rice or corn cakes.
Lunch all week: I think I’m going to mix it up, Monday I had a Bento Box & avoided Soy Sauce, Tuesday I had Tuna Salad Wrap, today I had leftover Ratatouille with Garlic Green Beans. Tomorrow I will probably have Tuna Salad Wrap and probably the same again Friday.
Mid afternoon snack all week: 1/2 a Pear and a handful of activated Almonds.
After work snack all week: Monday I had 1/2 a pear, Yesterday I had a Strawberry Coconut milk smoothie, and today I had the above mentioned Coconut Hot Chocolate. But the rest of the week I will have left over Rice, Tomato, Zucchini and Egg Frittata I’m making right now for dinner tonight.
Dinner Monday: Leftover Okra Gumbo with Coconut Rice.
Dinner Tuesday: Ratatouille with Garlic Green Beans.
Dinner Wednesday: Rice, Tomato, Zucchini and Egg Frittata
Dinner Thursday: I may eat at Govinda’s again.
Dinner Friday: I’m going to a Meditation evening, so will probably eat out somewhere. I always find it difficult planning what to eat of the weekend, because I normally decide with Mr. Awesome what we will eat.
Dinner Saturday: I’d like to make Mujaddara with Spiced Yoghurt – I know I said no dairy, but most Candida diets allow Greek Yoghurt.
Dinner Sunday: …I’m not too sure, but maybe I’ll have Herb, Lemon & Garlic marinated Salmon with Spinach salad.

Have I noticed any difference in my overall health?
Not that much yet, although for the first time since I can remember I woke up on Tuesday & Wednesday morning before my alarm, maybe I’m better rested because my body isn’t trying so hard to deal with Candida whilst digesting my food.

Until next week…

– Cass xo –


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