Candida Schmandida – The Wrap Up

Joy of joys!! I’ve completed the Candida Diet!!

I’m sorry I didn’t post about my fourth week, I was busy/lazy, but I think I did well. I had a bad reaction to some grilled Salmon which reminded of my pre-ayurvedic days, but otherwise felt well and energised.

Being on a diet (something I’ve never done in my life) is very interesting, foods I never really saw as being “bad” were now evil and should be avoided at all costs. It’s interesting how conscious I became of not eating these foods and how obsessed I felt about doing the “right thing”, I even felt bad if I ate a whole pear as opposed to half a pear. I didn’t like feeling like this and it gave me an insight into why people fail on diets and fall into the yo-yo diet trap. I like to eat relatively guilt free (hence my Vegaquarian diet), and I see how diets can work short term, but can also see how they are difficult to maintain.
You feel as though you are deprived at times, like when your room mate is having one square of chocolate and you can’t even have a crumb. I also think that despite not eating a whole lot of sugar laden foods when I’m not on the diet, I found myself looking wistfully at chocolate biscuits and treats not because I wanted them, but because I knew I couldn’t/shouldn’t have them.

I’m at a conference for work at the moment and yesterday an interesting speaker (Professor Tony Howell) presented his findings regarding dieting and peoples inability to maintain a diet. So with a colleague he wrote The 2 Day Diet, unfortunately on the back of their research approximately 60 or more books with the same principal have flooded the market. But the concept of dieting 2 days a week and eating a healthy mediterranean style diet appealed to me. This is doable, and through their research they found that it was easier to maintain the diet (people were more likely to stick to it) and the results indicated that subjects involved in their trial maintained their weight loss by following the diet. The reason they researched, developed and performed clinical trials in this diet is for Breast Cancer Prevention. They found that losing weight and maintaining it through healthy eating habits decreases your risk of Breast Cancer two fold!!
Speaking of weight; I weighed myself on the weekend and I’m pleased to say I didn’t lose any weight, but I think my work pants felt looser because my stomach wasn’t as bloated as usual.

What was my first non-diet meal? I was actually pretty good and had gluten free toast with pesto, semi dried tomatoes, garlic and CHEESE!! Glorious, gooey, toasted Provolone cheese! I didn’t feel like having a large meal and this was perfect for my first non-diet dinner. The next night I had Pizza with Mushrooms and Cheese (lots of cheese) and for desert I had some Monte biscuits (chocolate covered unhealthy deliciousness). I worry that I’m rushing back into gluten and dairy, but I think if I try to maintain some of the changes I’ve made (e.g. black tea instead of white, decreasing sugars, maintaining fruit intake) my body might not revolt too violently, so far so good. I even had a couple of glasses of wine at a conference dinner last night, man I felt so bad ass!

Now this all said I didn’t just say “four weeks is over, lets go crazy”, I went and saw my Kinesiologist on Monday and she tested my body to ensure that my system was no longer under stress from Candida. It doesn’t mean I have completely eradicated it, but it does mean I can relax a little and be less militant with what goes in my mouth. Interestingly, during my session with Paritosho I also discovered that my body has issues digesting and utilising proteins and fats, hence my issues with the grilled Salmon I had in my last week. To ensure I’m receiving adequate protein I’ve commenced on Metagenics Ultra Clear Plus – protein shake, it’s a rice protein shake that helps to replete the body.

Thank you for following my journey through the Candida Diet. I hope someone can find some useful information from my experience. If you have any questions regarding anything I’ve discussed throughout the Candida Schmandida series pop  a comment down there or on any of the other Candida pages.

– Cass xo –


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