What’s in your heart?

Heart: The central or innermost part of something. Your spiritual heart, the one buried deep inside your chest.

My heart is a cave on the ocean with azure water, not a cloud in the sky.
It has a carpet of soft green non-itchy grass, that I lie down on.
It smells of my childhood, fresh cut grass & flowers, the sea, my grandma’s cakes.
I lie in the center of this space and look up at the roof of the cave, it’s carved out of amethyst and fluorodite.
There is a strong white horse that stands and looks at me with it’s beautiful mane flowing in the breeze.
I can feel the energy of my heart space surrounding me, holding me, warming me. It has a darkness to it, not in a bad way, but in the way that is comforting, like a dimmed light when you’re going to sleep.
My heart grows and changes every single day; Sometimes it feels heavy, other days it’s like it’s so full of lightness it could burst. Sometimes there are new things to find in there, like a random candle or another object I’ve picked up along the way.
There is a cabinet on the wall where I have room for all the big issues in my life, the ones that hurt, that threaten to eat me alive. I breathe into them and make space for them. I let them be, I allow them to stay. I acknowledge they’re there, knowing just like my arms, they are a part of me.

I first envisioned my heart in a meditation class, and it’s somewhere I go often. It was amazing to discover this whole other part of me that has always been there, but I’ve never noticed. It reminds me that there is so much more to me, there is a space of beauty within me when sometimes I can’t find any. When I look into my heart I am transported somewhere else, it feels like home.

I want you to relax. Close your eyes, take some nice, slow, deep breaths. Look deep inside of yourself. What’s in your heart?

– Cass xo –