To The Ocean

Greenmount Beach

You stretch far beyond the horizon, like a blue-green magic carpet.
I’m mesemrised by the hypnotic rolling of your waves; The slow ebb and flow, the ferocious pounding.
There is nothing quite like the sound as you crash down onto the sand at my feet.
As I dive in, I feel the refreshing chill, but then your strength surrounds me warming my heart and reminding me why I’m here.
I’m so free! Free to enjoy your gift of crystal clear waters. Free to splash and bathe and swim.
I look down at my hands through your water, it’s so transparent, so unreal, so real.
In this moment I feel switched on, connected; I am one with the earth and every single living creature on it. It reminds me that we are all one; a vast tapestry of different shapes, sizes and colours. You weave us together.
In you I feel the earth giving me a hug, washing away all my worries and infusing me with new energy.
I feel so present, I’m home.
When I leave your depths it’s because I’m cold. You’ve purified my soul, the fire inside that was raging out of control is now pacified.
My body is lighter, my mind is quiet.
I look at the sky, at the sand, at the buildings, and back at you with renewed gratitude for this life.

– Cass xo –


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