I’m Beginning To Think I’m The Hulk


I’m going to try to not make this a long winded novel like my last post… sorry, I believe I thought the more detail = more interesting, Wrong!
Anyways, I’m beginning to think I’m the hulk. In the last month or so my awesome shoulders have managed to break two pretty little sundresses at the strap, now I’m sure you could say it’s shoddy workmanship or bad luck, but I believe it’s because my once lean/slender shoulders have now become deadly weapons of epic proportions!
Now I wouldn’t call myself a “dress wearer” or whatever it is those type of people are called, you know the type, always dressed in a pretty dress (with both straps fully functioning) they effortlessly glide around in their dresses as casual as can be.
Me on the other hand, when I wear a dress it’s usually a real occasion, I believe a dress is for getting “dressed up”, however a great friend of mine has convinced me to give dresses a chance & states they’re much more comfortable than pants & make deciding what to wear much easier.
So I have been giving casual dresses a go.
The first dress I bought was a pretty little red & white polka dot number… It decided to have a blow out whilst I was in our local Harvey Norman! 😦 I had to get Mr. Awesome to do a quick repair job before we had a nipplegate on our hands!
I thought the first time was a one time thing but after yesterday I’m just not so sure!
I was attempting to remove my cardigan when all of a sudden I hear a rip and god dammit!! My brand new dress (black with little green bows printed all over it, V. Cute!!) had blown the strap right out of it’s neat little hem line/stitching. Luckily I had my cardigan to cover it, unluckily it is summer here & we had to walk into a sweltering hot restaurant.
All I can think is that it was my shoulder, my powerful yet stealth shoulder. Pulsing with anger at having to wear yet another dress it decided to take matters into it’s own hands…
I’m now a little paranoid about what may happen on my wedding day… Maybe shoulder pads will be back in by the time that day rolls around…
I think it’s time I took some sewing lessons, I’m going to need them!

Update – I’ve managed to wear more dresses in the year since this post, without any untoward effects! Yay!

– Cass xo –

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