To Tip or Not To Tip?


I had a wonderful weekend with my boyfriend this weekend past…

Mr. Awesome (my boyfriend who I will now refer to only as Mr. Awesome or Mr. Not So Awesome, depending on how I feel on the day).

Anyways, Mr. Awesome had got a great deal on Scoopons for us to spend the night at a local Hotel/Casino, however the Hotel rang a day or two before to tell us they had over booked and would now be putting us up in a Hotel across the road (this was not a problem because it was much nicer).

I’m not used to staying in 5 Star Hotels and don’t really know the etiquette required as far as tipping goes.

Mr. Awesome and I headed down stairs to the Concierge Desk and asked if we could just duck down to the basement and grab my shoes out of the car, but the concierge insisted on getting them for me.

Whilst we were waiting for him to return with my shoes, Mr. Awesome said “we have to tip him”. I tried to get out of it by saying “Tipping isn’t customary in Australia” but then I felt guilty, so I looked in my wallet for a small note, all I had was a Twenty or $5 in coins.

I asked Mr. Awesome if he had a small note, but unfortunately no… So I decided the coins would be good enough. I then was pondering what someone would say when giving a tip, I’m a pretty awkward person (if you can’t already tell) and Mr. Awesome isn’t much better. We didn’t really get a chance to decide what I would say before the concierge was back with my shoes, so I awkwardly handed him the coins, said “Thank you” and quickly scurried to the lift.

I felt like a big weirdo, I didn’t quite know why I felt so embarrassed about the whole idea of tipping.

It wasn’t until we got into the lift that Mr. Awesome told me what I had said. I had one of those moments where I black out because I’m so embarrassed and have no idea what I’ve said or done. He told me I handed the concierge the money and said “Here’s some money”.

‘Here’s some money?’ What was I thinking!? There is no way that wasn’t insulting to him!

We had a good laugh about it and Mr. Awesome suggested that I should have said “here’s some money for your troubles” or something that would tie the money giving with the fact I was grateful for what he’d done, I wish he had suggested that to me before I’d embarrassed myself.

As we all know “give and thou shall receive”, my generosity paid off. After dinner we played roulette and on my very first go ever on the roulette table I chose the winning number not once but twice in a row! Some may call it beginners luck, others karma… I prefer to believe I have psychic abilities… Watch out Channel 7’s The One! Here I come!!

Update – I still have an uncanny knack for picking winning numbers in Roulette, I’m not quite as lucky as when I first tried it out, but when playing with Mr. Awesome we usually walk away with more money than we started with 🙂

– Cass xo –

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