Lavender Rooibos Sleep Tea

Lavender Rooibos Sleep Tea

As it’s name suggests the lavender in this tea may help to ease insomnia. It is attributed with lifting the mood and calming nervousness and anxiety. Best of all it is said to help with flatulence and colic!! Who doesn’t need help with that sometimes?
Rooibos is a plant grown in South Africa, that is revered for it’s high antioxidant content and immune boosting properties. It is also similar to Lavender in it’s ability to relieve insomnia, stress and digestive problems.

Now to make the tea you want to combine Dried Lavender Flowers with Rooibos loose leaf tea in a ratio of 1:3 (1 teaspoon Lavender for every 3 teaspoons of Rooibos).
To brew your tea place approximately 1 teaspoon (per person) of the tea in an infuser and add freshly boiled water. Allow to steep for a couple of minutes. Add milk to taste.


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