Canadians Are So Nice!

17 November 2011

So I’ve realised my social skills need some work…
There is a beautiful girl/lady I work with or used to work with who now occasionally pops by (on a totally unrelated matter, usually when I go to write “pop” I write “poop” it happens all the time, I’m worried I’m going to send an email to a patient saying “Just poop in when you feel like it” :$
Anyways back to my story… There is this beautiful girl/lady I work with who is just stunning and whom I look up to. She’s like the cool older sister I never had, who I desperately want to be like. She always looks well dressed with perfect hair and make up and she walks around in high heels all day!! Her feet must hate her! She “pops” by our office every now and then to find out “the haps” (how cool is she? She says “haps”), which means “What’s been happening?”.
I’m always soooo boring I say “Nothing much” and then she goes on to tell us all the amazing/fun/crazy things she has done… I could tell her I went to the beach and had a silent disco with my friend on Friday night, but I think she’d just think I’m strange. So today she asked what the “haps” were and I said again “nothing much” and then I felt possessed to tell her something cool so I blurted out “I’m going to a wedding this weekend!” She was like “oh, that’s nice” and then I blurted “I went to IKEA on the weekend!” this did garner some more interest, but I just felt like a weirdo, so I covered it up by playing it down, saying: “see that’s how much excitement I have in my life!”. Even though I am super stoked I went to IKEA, it just doesn’t compare in coolness to her exciting single life gallivanting around with young doctors and partying up a storm.
I didn’t mention she’s a divorced single mother of two children did I? Does that make her sound cooler? Or does that make me weirder?
Did I mention she’s Canadian? Canadians are so nice…

Update – Since that fateful November day not much has changed… I’m still “boring” and I still get excited about IKEA!

– Cass xo –

2 thoughts on “Canadians Are So Nice!

  1. Your life is totally just as awesome as hers Cass! I get hella excited about IKEA too – if someone’s happy to share their tales with you yet isn’t interested in yours then I think maybe they could add some listening skills to their repertoire of awesome! You can tell me about your IKEA adventures any day!

    • My first ever comment on my blog! :O You’re the best!
      I think I can enthral you with my tales of IKEA & show you the fascinating purchases I made for our new place… You’ll just have to come visit soon! xo

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